Life happens, and I am in the business of empowering women to take the plunge and dive into personal truths to reclaim their power and elude shallow living.

True, you can “just keep swimming”. However, when you take a deeper dive beneath the surface, you will discover even more about your true, authentic, strong and courageous self!

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What Exactly Is Coaching?


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As a Professional Certified Coach, I strive to introduce like-minded women in search of ways to be their best selves along their individual journeys. Through self- examination, personal strengths are identified as a means of empowerment. Once aware of these attributes, you will gain confidence to boldly move forward along your path to success.

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Amazon Bestseller

As a best-selling author, I have collaborated with industry thought leaders to capture the essence of an empowerment-based philosophy, so you can achieve your dreams and the life you deserve.

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Lori’s best-selling books capture the essence of her coaching philosophy. Written in collaboration with top professionals in the field, Lori’s writing will empower you to go after the life you’ve always wanted.

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Busy is the way of life for most women, but that doesn’t mean self-care and happiness should be left to flounder. My podcast and radio show on Life Coach Radio Networks, explore time-wise, motivational and inspirational topics, which are always available when you are. Find a few minutes each day to refresh and renew your sense of purpose.

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