My mission is to empower women to dive into their personal truths, reclaim their power, and elude shallow living!

With a clinical background by trade, my career began in patient care and clinical operations management. After gaining invaluable industry experience, I decided to branch off as an independent consultant where I assisted healthcare organizations across the United States to implement information systems and manage large scale projects. I remain an active member of the National Association for Health Professionals.

Working in the medical field for so long, I developed an intimate understanding of the resiliency behind the human spirit. It’s something that truly inspires me and fuels my passion for development. Resiliency was also a trait I had to learn at an early age to cope with challenges throughout my own life. Ultimately, it is this deeply rooted passion and desire to help others that led me to pursue my career as a professional coach.

I studied towards dual coaching certifications at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching with a primary focus in transitional life coaching. For me, learning is a continuous experience. I’ve participated in coaching masterclasses instructed by Robert Holden, Ph.D, known for this innovative work in psychology and spirituality. I am well-versed in cognitive behavior therapy, emotional intelligence, the science of happiness, and hold multiple certificates in leadership development.

In 2019, I began clinical training in The Gottman Method for couple’s therapy. I also belong to the International Coach Federation and in 2017 was a Chair’s Award Recipient for my outstanding work and dedication to the coaching profession.

Overall, my experience includes more than 15 years of working in leadership and advisory roles, encouraging organizational effectiveness, establishing successful short-term and long-term plans, and facilitating communication among stakeholders.

As a part of my comprehensive approach, I also pull from holistic healing techniques that influence my outlook on coaching and way of life. I am a huge advocate of practicing mindfulness. Whether through meditation or spending time on the ocean, engaging in activities that allow me to connect with myself and others are what resonate with me most.

I believe in facing life’s obstacles from a place of genuine gratitude and hope to inspire my clients to do the same. I work with women to figure out who they authentically are, and how to take what they’ve been through to create change in a positive way.

Above all, I have an unwavering dedication to empower my clients to dive deep and determine their personal truths. Although every client’s path and coaching plan is different, the end goal is always the same – to own your authenticity, reclaim your personal power and elude shallow living!