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“Lori is one of the most wonderful coaches out there. She listens to what you have to say and makes you feel truly understood. During her sessions, it somehow seems as though time is suspended. She never rushes you, but instead, guides the conversation in a way that keeps things moving so you stay on track. You’re able to define your next move and feel a sense of peaceful accomplishment. Lori is a rock star and I’m proud to say she’s my coach!”

JaWand, Age 34

“Lori is the kind of coach that makes you wonder how you ever functioned before experiencing her coaching. She’s a powerhouse in every sense of the word. There’s a common phrase in the community that says, “Coaching isn’t just what you do, it’s who you’re becoming.” Lori’s approach is a true example of that mentality. She asks profound, thought-provoking questions and listens with a complete lack of judgment. Instead of finding band aids to temporarily help something you may be struggling with, she gets to the root of the problem and works to find a genuine solution. When you say yes to being coached by Lori, you’re saying yes to discovering your own greatness.”

Jenean, Age 30

“When you first meet Lori, she radiates with an unparalleled positivity that is infectious. She innately reads between the lines when listening and knows when someone is just looking to vent, seeking validation or looking for guidance on what direction to go next. Lori has a rare ability to recap something you’ve just said and repeat it back in a way that really makes you stand back and actually understand yourself more clearly. Sometimes that alone is enough to help bridge a crucial gap or provide closure to a situation. Each encounter with Lori and being able to experience her expertise as a coach, makes my life that much richer.”

Debbie, Age 59

“I love working with Lori! Right from the start, she immediately helped me gain a true understanding of the need for balance in my life. She broke things down in such a granular way that I was able to deeply visualize what mattered to me most and the steps I needed to take to achieve the quality of life I desired. Lori is such a powerful partner.”

Elena, Age 33

“I recently began working with Lori. I’ll admit I was very nervous before my first session, but she immediately put me at ease. It was as if I was catching up with an old friend. She listens so intently and is able to point out keywords that I sometimes don’t even realize I’m saying. Lori is always honest and direct. She holds me accountable without creating a feeling of pressure and creates an open dialogue when discussing proceeding to the next step in our sessions. Even though we’re in the beginning stages of our work together, I’ve already noticed a dramatic change when it comes to awareness of my thoughts and actions. I can’t wait to see what’s to come and where Lori’s coaching will lead me in my life’s adventures!”

Sondie, Age 44

“The road to self-discovery is long, winding and constantly evolving. Embarking on that journey on your own is challenging without a doubt. Working with Lori as a guide, has given me sincere direction and purpose. She has helped me sort through cluttered thoughts and shine a light on where issues actually stem from. Often times after talking things through with Lori, I’ve realized by shifting my perspective, I’m able to figure out what the true roadblock is. Lori makes a concerted effort to learn what is profoundly important to you and is there to remind you of those values when you lose sight. She breaks down your obstacles into manageable milestones and before you know it, you can feel yourself moving forward without fear. The time I have invested with her has been invaluable.”

Kim, Age 32