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4 Ways to Release Guilt and Set Yourself Free from the Past

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In order to embrace your divine essence, you must be willing to release guilt and set yourself free from the past. You came here to live a life that aligns with the purpose burning deep within you! You are here to experience joy and embrace the beauty that you innately are. Believe me, I know what it’s like to hold on to the past. The ego has a need to place blame, hold on to guilt and bury shame. All too often, we blame ourselves for problems that are out of our control. Now is the time to forgive yourself, embrace the present and move forward with passion!

Anais Nin said it best, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”


Here are 4 ways to help you release guilt and set yourself free from past emotional burdens.


1. Create a Ritual

A powerful way to begin the process of letting go of emotional baggage is through ritual. Creating a ritual is a simple yet powerful way to allow the more subconscious aspects of your psyche the ability to release and let go of buried guilt. To begin, find a quiet place where you can start this visualization. Recall the situation and sit with it for a moment. It’s ok if feelings of guilt, shame or anger come up. Simply allow yourself to experience these emotions. As you feel your way through this, give yourself empathy! Write yourself a letter or go on a walk to process your feelings one last time. Create a tangible expression of self-forgiveness such as a painting or sculpture. By putting time into this act and giving your feelings an outlet, you allow them to gently release.

Create a Ritual

Create a ritual as a tangible expression of letting go of guilt and turning it into freedom.


2. Connect with your Inner Protector

Allow your inner protector to speak up! We all have an inner critic and inner protector. Allow your inner protector to put your past into perspective, to highlight all of your most beautiful qualities and to tell your inner critic to go take a hike! It can be difficult accessing this part of ourselves; especially for those of us who are self critical or perfectionist by nature. Guilt can speak very loudly. When you hear your inner critic speaking out, allow your inner protector to stand firm. At first, this may seem like a tug of war within the mind. With practice, your inner protector will become the dominant voice.

Connect with your Inner Protector

Allow your inner protector to stand up and quiet your inner critic.


3. Practice Daily Grounding

One of my favorite ways to release emotional baggage is to get outside! Whether it’s a park, beach or your own backyard, take time every day to connect with nature. Even 5 minutes outside provides profound cleansing for your mind, body and spirit! Create space to connect with your inner child. Take time to play, explore and unwind. Feel the ground beneath your feet and know that you are loved and supported. Meditation is also an excellent way to ground yourself in the present. I’m so happy to share a free self-love meditation with you that will help you release guilt and connect with your true self! Check it out in 3 Ways to Deepen Your Self-Awareness.

Ground Yourself

Ground yourself in nature! Allow Mother Nature to help you heal.


4. Choose Gratitude

Emotions like guilt and shame keeps us chained to the past. When you are chained to the past, seeing the beauty in the present moment can be difficult. To gain new perspective, reflect upon the things you are most grateful for. If you are having a hard time with this, take action to make someone else’s day brighter! I’ve found that giving to others in need is a wonderful way to reintroduce gratitude into my life. Google volunteer opportunities in your area and lend your time to an organization you believe in!

Choose Gratitude

Choose gratitude! Put a smile on your face and reflect upon the blessings in your life.



These are just a few of the powerful methods I utilize to release guilt and other heavy emotions. The only chains that keep us bound are those that we have created. When you release guilt and forgive yourself, you create space that attracts freedom, joy and happiness into your life. Now is the time to transform and embrace the abundance the universe has to offer. What are some of the ways in which you process heavy emotions like guilt and shame? How do you let go? Please share your ideas in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!